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summer course: Roeterseiland narratives

  In the winter of 2019, in a tiny house on Roeterseiland, Dear Hunter conducted a cartopological investigation into the fortunes of the users of the Campus. How do students make use of the facilities, where do employees leave their belongings when they go from A to B? Do local residents use the lawn? Does…

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MCICM Corona Conversations

MCICM Corona Conversations Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music Dates: 18 June, 25 June and 2 July 2020 from 13:00 to 14:00 CET The current COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown measures greatly affected classical music organizations. Concerts and tours were cancelled, and classes moved online leaving musicians, educators, researchers and audiences to figure…

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Save the date: presentation Border Encyclopædia, September 3rd

The Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy and Public Sphere (Zuyd University), the Institute of Cartopology and Dear Hunter execute the artistic research project Border Encyclopædia, Commissioned by ITEM. Looking closely at maps of border regions, only simple lines cover the complexity, diversity and constant shifting character of the inner borders of the EU member states….

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Inloop-spreekuur scriptie & afstudeeronderzoek / Open Office thesis & graduation research

English below Het Inloop-Spreekuur van het Lectoraat Autonomie en Openbaarheid in de Kunsten wordt voortgezet in MS Teams! De frequentie is opgevoerd zodat -juist nu- de studenten van alle kunstopleidingen het lectoraat AOK kunnen bereiken voor extra inhoudelijke input voor hun scriptie, lecture-performance en/of afstudeeronderzoek. Al dan niet in relatie tot hun werk in de…

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